Celebrating Love and Innovation at The Lab: Welcome, PoderOso!

This Valentine’s Day at Baylor.AI, we’re not just celebrating love in the air but also the arrival of our latest powerhouse, affectionately named PoderOso. This state-of-the-art equipment is a testament to the unwavering support and vision of Dr. Greg Hamerly, the department chair of Computer Science at Baylor, and Dr. Daniel Pack, the dean of the School of Engineering and Computer Science. Their dedication to advancing research and innovation within our department has been instrumental in acquiring PoderOso, and for that, we are profoundly grateful.

The name ‘PoderOso’ is derived from Spanish, where ‘Poder’ means ‘Power’ and ‘Oso’ means ‘Bear’. Combined, ‘Poderoso’ translates to ‘Powerful’. Therefore, ‘PoderOso’ creatively merges these concepts to symbolize something that embodies both power and the strength of a bear, aptly reflecting the capabilities of machine.

PoderOso is a technological marvel boasting dual EPYC 7662 processors, a whopping 1024GB of DDR4-3200 ECC memory, cutting-edge storage solutions, and six NVIDIA L40S GPUs. It’s a beast designed for in-house AI research, setting a new benchmark for what we can achieve.

With PoderOso’s impressive specs, our team is poised to push the boundaries of deep learning faster than ever before. From advancing language models that can understand and generate human-like text to developing computer vision systems that can perceive the world as we do; from enhancing adversarial robustness to securing AI against malicious attacks to exploring the burgeoning field of quantum machine learning and driving forward multimodal AI research that integrates multiple types of data, PoderOso will be at the heart of our endeavors. Moreover, it will enable us to delve deeper into AI ethics, ensuring our advancements are aligned with our values and societal needs.

As we unbox PoderOso and get it up and running, we’re filled with anticipation for future breakthroughs. Below are photos of the unboxing and our dedicated IT team in front of the rack.

Our journey into the next frontier of AI research has just gotten a significant boost, thanks to PoderOso and the incredible support of our leaders. Here’s to a future where our research leads to technological advancements and fosters a more ethical, understanding, and inclusive world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Baylor.AI family and everyone supporting us on this exciting journey!

(Left to right) Brian Sitton, Mike Hutcheson, Pablo Rivas